Conference E: Environmental Sciences
Morgan Boardman- Chair TBD- Co-chair

The Environmental Sciences Section explores game-changing technologies to remediate the environment. This conference addresses climatic and environmental Black Swan events that fall outside the limits of statistical prediction. . The frequency of environmental Black Swans is increasing, creating situations in which multiple challenges must be dealt with simultaneously -- a kind of 'Mega-Black-Swan' event.

This conference aggressively investigates any outlying technology or strategy directed towards solving problems such as weather control, pollution abatement (as in the recent B.P. disaster), and the Daiichi nuclear reactor tragedy. Papers will review green/clean energy solutions, alternative practices, effective philosophies of communication, and social integration. We would span the hard sciences as well, as not leaving any philosophic stone unturned with respect to solutions to our current dire state. Moreover, this section will focus on applications and theory that can mitigate, solve, or eradicate environmental threats and identify leading indicators of environmental collapse. This section is solution oriented, seeking fixes that may be available in the advanced sciences.

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